July 16, 2021 at 3:00pm
Portage La Prairie MB, CA


This will be a LIVE AUCTION!, To be held at the Portage Ex fair grounds on the island in Portage la Prairie.

You can Pre-Register by calling Melissa @ 204-871-7205 or by email @ [email protected]


-KEVIN BLIGHT -BLIGHT NATIVE SEEDS for the purchase of Grand Champion raised by Jonathan Karsin

-BRENT MICHIE – MNP for the purchase of Reserve Champion raised by Brock Sigurdson

-TANYA SOUQUE for the purchase of steer raised by Atlee Wood

-BOB CLARKE –CLARKES FUNERAL for purchase of steer raised by Rhett Sigurdson

-KEN WALTER –FOUNTAIN TIRE for the purchase of steer raised by Daniel Tully

-KEVIN DALES-HOMESTEAD COOP for the purchase of steer raised by Travis McCuaig

-KEITH MCLEAN –KAL DECK for the purchase of steer raised by Miranda Wilcox

-JARET MURRAY-STRIDE CREDIT UNION for the purchase of steer raised by Chase Finnie

-DOUG POSCHENRIEDER for the purchase of steer raised by Brantley Kontzie

-STEVEN SCHEYMR – SOBEYS for the purchase of steer raised by Liam Staples

-DARREN FAURSCHOU-FAURSCHOU AG- for the purchase of steer raised by Layne Kontzie

-KEN WALTER – FOUNTAIN TIRE for the purchase of sheep raised by Reid Munro


Hi I am Baeya Hyde. Having Peanut as my first 4H steer was overall really fun. In the beginning it was a bit frustrating because he would head butt. The more he got used to us, the better he got. My favorite part was leading him around because he was mostly good at it. My lest favorite part is probably saying Good Bye.


Hello, my name is Chase Wood. This is my first year in 4H. My steer’s name is Tazer he is a Simmental/Angus Cross steer, He is very friendly and I have really enjoyed working with him this year. I plan to use the money from the sale to buy 4 wheelers. In the future I want to be an animal trainer and a cowboy. Thank you for taking the time to look at Tazer and good luck at the sale. Thank you.


Hello buyers!! My name is Alexis Kennedy, and this will be my 9th year in 4-H. For sale this year, I have a Maine X steer, named “Hennessy”. Henny is a well rounded out steer, being thick throughout his hind quarters with a nice length of spine. To achieve this Henny has been fed a prepared ration of corn, oats, barley, and pellets along with forage, and salt n mineral. Come sale time he will be a very well finished steer. If you’re looking to fill your barbecue this summer, this is the right steer for you!! Huge thanks to everyone who has supported the sales in the past, and to those who will continue to support. Stay healthy, and happy bidding!


Hi my name is Atlee Wood. My steer is Mango. He is a Simmental/Angus cross steer. This is my second year in 4H and I really enjoy working with him. I plan to use the money from the sale to put towards University because I want to be a Vet/Teacher/Nurse when I grow up. Thank you to last years buyer and good luck and happy bidding at this years sale.


My name is Brantley Kontzie, this is my third year in 4H. My steer’s name is Tommy. I feed him 4H feed which has alfalfa cubes, barley, and corn. I lead my steer to make him tame because it will be easier for you. I think you should buy my steer because he is nice, and feet are straight and he is in good shape.


Hi my name is Greyson Tully and I’m 6 years old. My lamb is named Blackie because he has a black legs and head. I picked a sheep this year for 4 H because I am just learning how to work with animals. Next year I’m hoping to take a steer like my big brother does. I love 4H because I get to learn about animals and see my friends


My name is Kade Kontzie, this is my first year in 4H. My steer’s name is Duke. He is good, he is a little stubborn but that is ok. Some steers could be bad, some steers could be good. He likes to eat alfalfa square bales, they eat grass and 4h feed which has corn, barley, oats, alfalfa cubes. He is red with a white face. My steer was born n this farm. He is homegrown. I hope you like him!


Hi my name is Daniel Tully I’m 9 years old. My sheep is named John Ceena because she is really strong. This is my second year in 4H. I really like working with animals and this is my first time with sheep I find it very different then working a steers and it’s interesting to learn something new.

LOT 10

My name is Layne Kontzie. I have been in 4H for 3 years now. My steer’s name is A.J. We have been leading him as much as we can. He stands like a statue, but he does not walk very good! In the winter time we feed my steer silage bales, 2nd cut alfalfa, ground barley. Then in spring I feed him 2nd cut alfalfa, 4H feed which has corn, barley, and alfalfa cubes. I think someone should buy my steer because, if you like hamburgers, steak and sausages, then you should by MY steer I think.

LOT 11

Hello buyers, my name is Kadynce Stobie. This is my 5th year in 4h. I have a home-grown quality black Angus X steer. He is a middle of spring calf. This is a well balanced & naturally muscled animal, he holds strength in his rear quarter and depth around him. He is a great calf and I’m very happy with the way he’s turned out this year. Thank you to all buyers!

LOT 12

My name is Emmett McArthur I am nine years old and this is my first year in 4H. My steer’s name is Lights Out, he is a Speckle Park steer. I keep him at my grandpa Floyd’s farm. My steer leads really good. He is fat. I take care of him, he likes us lots. We brush him lots he is tame. He has three friends in his pen.

LOT 13

Hi my name is Rhett Sigurdson. I am 10 years old and this is my 3rd year in Oakville 4-H Beef Club. My steer Jacob is a homegrown, hand picked, well -finished Simmental/Angus steer. If you are looking for a steer to fill your freezer, look no further! Thank you for supporting 4-H Beef!

LOT 14

Hi all! Travis McCauaig here. Welcome to the annual 4-H market steer and lamb sale! I know the 4-h program would not be doable without your support and I would like to thank you for the support that you have given it and for taking the time to view my steer! This year I have brought to you a steer that I have personally raised since day 1 and have chosen out of my own herd. He is here for your appraisal and ready to go off and feed your family and friends. This is a steer that has shown great potential since the day he was born and believe it or not off a 10 year old cow that never fails to impress me with the calves she raise’s! Being off a strong well built cow and a bull that carries himself so well I knew this steer that I have for you here today was going to be put together really well and yet not to big. He has been raised on fresh green grass in the summer months and a pail fed a barley ration with free choice of tame grass hay in the winter months and free choice water as well as vitamins and minerals. So you know he’s going to be good eating when you get to putting those steaks on your BBQ! I would like to thank you once again for all your time and support that you have gave to the market steer and lamb sale, and I hope you get what you have on your shopping list!

LOT 15

Hi, my name is Reid Munro and I am 9 years old. This is my second year of 4-H but first year raising a steer. This year I have a Simmental/Angus/Maine Anjou cross steer named Carl. Carl was born on Cam and Tracy Wood’s Section 19 Cattle Co. Ranch in March 2020. I knew he was the one for me when he came over to us and licked the back of my dad’s truck. Carl moved three miles to our farm in December and has grown up here with his brother from another mother, Peanut, and his two sheep brothers Kip and Jose. I feed Carl grain every day at 7:15 in the morning and 5:15 in the afternoon and he always has access to fresh hay and water. Carl is a quiet steer who likes to give out some big licks. I believe this strapping hulk of a steer will be a tasty addition to your BBQ menu this summer and I hope you’ll consider bidding on him. Thanks to Ken at Fountain Tire for buying my lamb last year.

LOT 16

Hi, my name is Dawson Munro and I am 7 years old. This is my first year in 4-H and I have been raising two lambs. Kip and Jose were born in January on Ethan Wood’s farm and came to live at our farm on Spring Break. When they first came I thought they were so cute! They are quiet and friendly and one of them loves to be pet. I feed them grain and hay every day at 7:15 am and then they help themselves to the feed bag each afternoon! I wash them and groom them each week. The lamb I am taking to the auction is Jose because he leads well, and is a tad chubbier than Kip. He is a Dorset cross, a good meat breed! The money I raise this year will go towards purchasing a steer next year.

LOT 17

Hi my name is Brock Sigurdson. I am 13 years old and this is my 5th year in Oakville 4-H Beef Club. My steer Rodger is a thick, meaty purebred Simmental. He has been fed a well-balanced ration for added flavor. Don’t miss the opportunity to bring home this quality beef. Thank you to all past, present, and future buyers for supporting 4-H Beef. Hope to see you at the sale.


LOT 18

Hi! My name is Chet McDonald and this is my 2nd year in 4-h. My steers name is Terrier and he is a black limo /angus cross calf. Terrier has been a good steer he behaves really good and likes to eat. Terrier weighs 1470 right now and is finished nice. Thanks for previous support and I look forward to the show and sale. See you there, Chet!

LOT 19

Hello 4H Market Steer Buyers!

My name is Connor and this is my 9th year in the Portage 4H Beef Club. This year my steer’s name is “Tarfful”. He is a docile Hereford X steer and he loves having his top line scratched so much, he immediately starts slobbering when the comb comes out! He will finish at 1300lbs.

So, if you are tired of the same old summer meal plans and need a good choice for trying to create the next Portage Beef Burger, Hereford is The Breed You Can Trust.

LOT 20

Hello Buyers,

My name is Emily Murray, and this is my 6th year in 4-H. This year I have a Limo X steer, named Henry. He loves to be brushed and scratched, but is super stubborn when it comes time to walk. Kind of like his owner! Henry is long bodied and deep in the ribs. This means he will make some very tasty steaks for you! Henry should finish around 1350-1400lbs. We hope to see you at the auction!

Thank you for your continuous support,


LOT 21

Hey Everyone! My name is Kaitlyn, I am 21 years old and this my 14thyear being a member of the Portage Beef Club.

This year, I have a home raised limousin cross steer named “Popcorn”. Popcorn is a steer that is deep throughout his body and thick in through his hind quarters which translates into being packed full of meat including steaks and hamburger that will be sure to fill your freezer. To get to the size he is, he has been fed a prepared ration of oats, barley, corn, and pellets as well as grass hay and supplemented with salt and mineral. On top of how well he looks, he also is one of the quietest steers I have had yet!

Thank you to everyone who has supported our sales in the past, and those who will support into the future. I hope everyone continues to stay healthy and has a great time bidding!

LOT 22

Hi my name is Keirsten Davey. This is my first year in 4H. This is my steer "Cucumber" he is a Speckle Park cross Limo steer. He eats grain and hay. He likes being washed and brushed and blowed. He is super quiet. He will make some yummmmmy hamburgers and steaks.

LOT 23

Hello Buyers,

My name is Parker, nice to “meat”🥩you! I am 14 years old with a love for farming and mechanics on my family’s farm. I’ve been a 4h member for 5 years and enjoy raising and training my steer.

Meet my steer, Nine!

I choose the name Nine for my steer because my cousin Shianne named hers Cloud so together we have Cloud Nine!!

Nine is my 5th steer through 4h and I was able to break him on my own. He is a finished Charolais X perfect for your next family gathering. His estimated start weight was 750 pounds and he should gain to around 1300 pounds. An excellent market steer! I have enjoyed his friendly and calm personality. Nine and I are excited to show and compete together at the fair and look forward to hopefully seeing you there around the ring. Thank you for your support and bids for Nine. It has been my pleasure working with him and gaining experience this year.

Thank you,

Parker McCutcheon

LOT 24

Hello, my name is Shianne Verwey, this is my 5th year in 4-h and my calf’s name is Cloud. He is a purebred white Charolais. I named him that cause he has thick, fluffy fur just like a cloud. He absolutely loves being groomed and brushed. Walking and showmanship though? Not so much. He’s super rambunctious and loves to try and run away from me. His diet consists of mixed grains that include wheat and barely, and corn silage. I have ’t weighed him yet this year but if I had to guess, he’d be about 1350-1400 pounds. I hope to see you at this year’s auction and maybe, just maybe you can buy my steer.




This will be a LIVE AUCTION!, To be held at the Portage Ex fair grounds on the island in Portage la Prairie.

You can Pre-Register by calling Melissa @ 204-871-7205 or by email @ [email protected]