Retirement Auction for McCurry Farms

June 07, 2024 at 6:30pm
Gladstone, Gladstone, R0J0T0 MB, CA


Full listing coming, Items include a 2014 Fendt 714 loader tractor, JD 8820 combine, balers, augers, cultivators and more. Details to followLot 10|10′ metal feed trough, good shapeLot 11|10′ heavy metal feed trough, good shapeLot 12|10′ heavy metal feed trough, good shapeLot 13|head gate with floor and gatesLot 14|squeeze chuteLot 15|10 used ties. all for 1 moneyLot 16|10 used ties. all for 1 moneyLot 17|10 used ties. all for 1 moneyLot 18|10 used ties. all for 1 moneyLot 19|10 used ties. all for 1 moneyLot 20|10 used ties. all for 1 moneyLot 21|10 used ties. all for 1 moneyLot 22|10 used ties. all for 1 moneyLot 23|24pcs 7′ postsLot 24|misc posts, approx 18 pcsLot 25|16pcs 6′ postsLot 26|new roll of barb wireLot 27|2 rolls barbless 2 strand wire.Lot 28|3 rolls of string type electric wires.Lot 29|high tensile wire, 6 spools, various lengthsLot 30|3″ suction and discharge hosesLot 31|2 large rolls of 3″ discharge hoseLot 32|3 rolls of 3″ discharge hoseLot 33|air seeder hoses,Lot 34|water tank, used for clean waterLot 35|59pcs 5″ posts 8′ longLot 36|50pcs recycled plastic fence postsLot 37|50pcs recycled plastic fence postsLot 38|50pcs recycled plastic fence postsLot 39|50pcs recycled plastic fence postsLot 40|50pcs recycled plastic fence postsLot 41|20′ long metal rackLot 42|metal rack.Lot 43|8″x5″-16′ i beamLot 44|16″x 14.5′ long heavy pipeLot 47|1976 duetz 100-06 tractorLot 48|1978 130-06 duetz tractorLot 49|1975 Duetz 100-06 with Leon LoaderLot 50|2014 Fendt 714 with loaderLot 54|MF 220XL 25′ swatherLot 55|JD 8820 combine with p/u header and chopperLot 56|JD 930 Flex head with air reelLot 57|like new arc fab header trailerLot 60|case side delivery rakeLot 65|32′ Bourgault 528-3 air seeder with 2155 TBH tankLot 67|NEVER USED valmar 3255,Lot 68|high dump wagonLot 69|NH 357 mix mill, working orderLot 70|2011 Macdon R85 12′ discbine, includes tow hitchLot 71|Vermeer 605XL round balerLot 72|535 JD balerLot 73|rake hitch for 2 side delivery rakesLot 74|mckormick side delivery rakeLot 75|Allis side delivery rake, (drives from 1 wheel)Lot 76|degalman ground drive rock pickerLot 77|27′ of trailing packersLot 78|5″ x 14′ auger with hydraulic motorLot 79|bourgault seed tank, no meter augers, decent tiresLot 80|pto hydraulic post pounderLot 81|running gear from anhydrous tank. 6 bolt rimsLot 82|hay trailer, no dolly, 9′ top deck, 25′ bottomLot 83|older hay trailer, 28.5′ long,Lot 84|33′ long hay trailer. 9.5′ wideLot 85|6 bottom case plowLot 86|4 bottom JD plowLot 87|18′ versatile cultivator with 2 bar mulcherLot 88|18′ cultivator, JD with case shanks,Lot 89|24′ cultivator, broken wing cableLot 90|19′ IH 645 cultivator with mulchersLot 91|12′ cockshutt deep tillerLot 92|18′ ford tandem disc, 1 bearing outLot 93|60′ laurier harrows, good tinesLot 94|45′ diamond harrowsLot 95|45′ diamond harrowsLot 96|10×50′ farm king swing augerLot 97|4″x15′ auger on wheels, hydraulic motorLot 98|32′ x6″ auger with wisconsin, hasnt run for yearsLot 101|60′ versatile sprayerLot 102|24′ of MF press drill, clean boxes,Lot 103|drive over hydraulic drill transport,Lot 104|MF end wheel drillLot 118|18′ tandem disc, good operational discLot 119|snow blowerLot 120|rome breaking discLot 121|old hammer mill.Lot 122|v8 cummins engine, last ran about 6 years agoLot 123|1-1/2″ hose, couple big rollsLot 125|10’x5″ auger, hydraulic motorLot 126|19’x 4″ auger, no motorLot 127|westfield 4″x15′ auger, 1hp elec motorLot 128|11’x4″ auger, 1/2 hp elec motorLot 129|10’x4″ auger, no motorLot 130|farm king 15’x5″ with 1HP electric motorLot 131|antique graderLot 131a|hydraulic wire roller on trailer.Lot 132|grain screenerLot 133|2 rims. 38″. 1@18″w

Lot 134|

20.8×38 tire

Lot 135|

23.1-34 tires on rim, 1 tire shot

Lot 135a|

older air compressor

Lot 136|

truck box hoist

Lot 137|

2 34″ rims

Lot 138|

18.4×38 tire

Lot 139|

1 NEW 11L-15 1 used 11L-15

Lot 140|

9.5-15. full tire

Lot 141|

used 11L-15. full tires

Lot 142|

11.25×24 tire on rim

Lot 143|

30.5-32 tire on rim, (FULL COMBINE SPARE)

Lot 144|

4 skid steer tires

Lot 145|

18.4×34 tire, rusted out rim

Lot 146|

650/65-42 tire. professionally vulcanized.

Lot 190|

thick braided ropes

Lot 191|

snow shoes

Lot 198|

fork, fits fendt/global quick attach

Lot 200|

pair of small fans

Lot 201|

pair of submersible pumps, 1 is a new 3/4HP

Lot 202|

pair of quickie grapple cylinders

Lot 203|

2 yellow cylinders

Lot 204|

grey single acting cylinder

Lot 205|

pair of hydraulic cylinders

Lot 206|

spare fendt center link

Lot 207|

Ice auger and canvas joiner slats

Lot 208|

fencer and small solar panel

Lot 209|

new 50watt solar panel

Lot 210|

set of freeze branding irons

Lot 211|

solar panel and NOT working fencer

Lot 212|

fence staples and calf puller

Lot 213|

large cattle lot, taggers, misc items

Lot 214|

large welding rod lot

Lot 215|

big belt lacer tool

Lot 216|

chicken supplies, lamps feeders etc.

Lot 217|

pallet lot, jerry cans, lights, brake shoes etc

Lot 220|

pressure washer on trailer

Lot 221|

stick welder, working order

Lot 222|

level with tripod

Lot 224|

beacon, nails, insulators, jacks etc.

Lot 225|

3 feed tubs

Lot 226|

push mower, in working order

Lot 227|

push mower, in working order

Lot 228|

sprayer project, no pump

Lot 229|

drive hand held post hole auger

Lot 230|

winches and implement rims

Lot 231|

pallet of baler belts.

Lot 232|

23.5′ heavy 1/2″ chain with hooks

Lot 233|

33′ 1/2″ chain with hooks. some stretched links

Lot 234|

18′ 1/2″ chain, 1 hook, stretched

Lot 235|

RR jack

Lot 236|

brand new 12.5-15 tire

Lot 237|

gas air compressor, working order, read desc.

Lot 240|

6 pickup belts and lacing/ wire

Lot 241|

poly hopper for smaller auger